2 Samuel 16, 1 – 4

06 sierpień 2021
„David went a little beyond the top and Ziba, the servant of Meribbaal, was there to meet him with saddled donkeys laden with two hundred loaves of bread, an ephah of cakes of pressed raisins, an ephah of summer fruits, and a skin of wine. 2The king said to Ziba, What are you doing with all this? Ziba replied: The donkeys are for the king’s household to ride on. The bread and summer fruits are for your servants to eat, and the wine to drink when they grow weary in the wilderness. 3Then the king said, And where is your lord’s son? Ziba answered the king, He is staying in Jerusalem, for he said, Today the house of Israel will restore to me my father’s kingdom. 4The king therefore said to Ziba, So! Everything Meribbaal had is yours. Then Ziba said: I pay you homage, my lord the king. May I find favor with you!”