Then the king said...

06 sierpień 2021
„Then the king said to Joab: I am granting this request. Go and bring back young Absalom. 22Falling to the ground in homage and blessing the king, Joab said, This day your servant knows that I am in good favor with you, my lord king, since the king has granted the request of your servant. 23Joab then went off to Geshur and brought Absalom to Jerusalem. 24But the king said, Let him go off to his own house; he shall not appear before me. So Absalom went off to his house and did not appear before the king. 25In all Israel there was no man more praised for his beauty than Absalom, flawless from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head. 26When he shaved his head—as he used to do at the end of every year, because his hair became too heavy for him—the hair weighed two hundred shekels according to the royal standard. 27Absalom had three sons born to him, besides a daughter named Tamar, who was a beautiful woman”.