Judges 9, 46 – 57

01 listopad 2020
„When they heard of this, all the lords of the Migdal-shechem went into the crypt of the temple of El-berith. 47It was reported to Abimelech that all the lords of the Migdal-shechem were gathered together. 48So he went up Mount Zalmon with all his soldiers, took his ax in his hand, and cut down some brushwood. This he lifted to his shoulder, then said to the troops with him, Hurry! Do just as you have seen me do. 49So all the soldiers likewise cut down brushwood and, following Abimelech, placed it against the crypt. Then they set the crypt on fire over them, so that every one of the people of the Migdal-shechem, about a thousand men and women, perished. 50Abimelech proceeded to Thebez, encamped, and captured it. 51Now there was a strong tower in the middle of the city, and all the men and women and all the lords of the city fled there, shutting themselves in and going up to the roof of the tower. 52Abimelech came up to the tower and fought against it. When he came close to the entrance of the tower to set it on fire, 53a certain woman cast the upper part of a millstone down on Abimelech’s head, and it fractured his skull. 54He immediately called his armor-bearer and said to him, Draw your sword and put me to death so they will not say about me, A woman killed him. So his attendant ran him through and he died. 55When the Israelites saw that Abimelech was dead, they all left for their homes. 56Thus did God repay the evil that Abimelech had done to his father in killing his seventy brothers. 57God also brought all the wickedness of the people of Shechem back on their heads, for the curse of Jotham, son of Jerubbaal, overtook them”.