Judges 9, 29 – 34

01 listopad 2020
„Would that these troops were entrusted to my command! I would depose Abimelech. I would say to Abimelech, Get a larger army and come out! 30When Zebul, the ruler of the city, heard what Gaal, son of Ebed, had said, he was angry
31and sent messengers to Abimelech in Arumah to say, Gaal, son of Ebed, and his kin have come to Shechem and are stirring up the city against you. 32So take action tonight, you and the troops who are with you, and set an ambush in the fields. 33Promptly at sunrise tomorrow morning, make a raid on the city. When he and the troops who are with him come out against you, deal with him as best you can. 34During the night Abimelech went into action with all his soldiers and set up an ambush outside of Shechem in four companies”.