Exodus 8, 6 – 11

05 czerwiec 2018

Exodus 8, 6 – 11 „Tomorrow, he said. Then Moses replied, It will be as you have said, so that you may know that there is none like the LORD, our God. 7The frogs will leave you and your houses, your servants and your people; they will be left only in the Nile. 8After Moses and Aaron left Pharaoh’s presence, Moses cried out to the LORD on account of the frogs that he had inflicted on Pharaoh; 9and the LORD did as Moses had asked. The frogs died off in the houses, the courtyards, and the fields. 10Heaps of them were piled up, and the land stank. 11But when Pharaoh saw there was a respite, he became obstinate and would not listen to them, just as the LORD had said”.