Genesis 48, 6 – 10

01 maj 2018

Genesis 48, 6 – 10 „Progeny born to you after them shall remain yours; but their heritage shall be recorded in the names of their brothers. 7I do this because, when I was returning from Paddan, your mother Rachel died, to my sorrow, during the journey in Canaan, while we were still a short distance from Ephrath; and I buried her there on the way to Ephrath [now Bethlehem]. 8When Israel saw Joseph’s sons, he asked, Who are these? 9They are my sons, Joseph answered his father, whom God has given me here. Bring them to me, said his father, that I may bless them. 10Now Israel’s eyes were dim from age; he could not see well. When Joseph brought his sons close to him, he kissed and embraced them”.