Numbers 15, 8 – 14

03 sierpień 2019

„If you make an offering from the herd—either a burnt offering, or a sacrifice, to fulfill a vow, or as a communion offering to the LORD, 9with it a grain offering of three tenths of a measure of bran flour mixed with half a hin of oil will be presented; 10and you will present for a libation, half a hin of wine—a sweet-smelling oblation to the LORD. 11The same is to be done for each ox, ram, lamb or goat. 12Whatever the number you offer, do the same for each of them. 13All the native-born shall make these offerings in this way, whenever they present a sweet-smelling oblation to the LORD. 14Likewise, in any future generation, any alien residing with you or anyone else in your midst, who presents an oblation of pleasing aroma to the LORD, must do as you do”.